"Be young, be dope, be proud"

Natalie. 20.

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"Behind every successful man is a Capricorn woman"
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What each planet represents for your natal sign.


The Sun: the sun is actually were your ego lies. If someone where to ask you about yourself your sun sign is likely to be a good part of the description. This is your conscious self. Who you *know* you are.

The Moon: your emotions. this is the unconscious self and your true soul. What can hurt…

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Cancer Rising in Love



Home is where the Cancer risings heart is. He is afraid of rejection and won’t make a move unless he is nearly positive that the woman he wants is on the same wavelength as he. Cancer never takes love lightly and if they have reasons to feel insecure (or even think they have reasons) they…

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capricorn- sharp and penetrative eyes, a general reservation,well presented, articulate. dignified in manner but detectably humorous underneath. even the males have a delicacy about them, you’re afraid that they’ll break, a beautiful stunning unique indescribable beauty. They have small bones. this is very deceptive, because they are the backbone of the zodiac

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